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Anna Calbet Tarrida

Anna Calbet Tarrida Anna speaks Català Español Italiano Basic English

She is in charge of matters concerning corporate and commercial law and is specialised in corporate law having broad experience on incorporating companies and all kind of associations like private foundations, residents' associations, private civil companies, non-governmental organizations, sports associations or syndicates.

Is expert in commercial contracts, even the ones related with industrial and intellectual property.

Manages also all the legal documents of the companies having entrusted these tasks to Gràcia i Malfeito MUNDILEX, like board of directors minutes; general shareholders meetings; transfer of shares; public deeds granting powers of attorney; buy-and-sell documents; loans; buy and sell options; and a wide range of legal agreements.

Has a postgraduate master on maritime law, is a very straightforward and decided person, and enjoys working with efficiency and precision.