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To invest in Spain

Anna Calbet Tarrida
Anna Calbet Tarrida, lawyer

To establish an Spanish company is an easy and not much expensive process. Read more.

To buy a real estate in Spain is very easy and, currently, also not expesive, due to the fall of the market. Now is the best moment to buy a property with an important rebate.

Catalonia is a good place to invest in. For years, the annual growht rate has been better than the average of European Union countries. Add its temperate climate, the culture, the stable legal and political layout, the people's way-of-life, the hospitality, and you got one of the best countries to invest, even to live in.

Generally speaking you do not need a permision to invest except a few little exceptions by country or activity. Some few countries are qualified as tax paradises, in this cases you can invest, but a previous notification is needed. Same if your investment is related to few specially regulated activities like weapons industry. The profits of your investments is taxed generally 25% anual rate over the profits, except if the country of origin of the funds has signed a treaty in order to prevent the double tax imposition.

Direct Investments

For direct investment you do not need a local representative or any formalities, simply you send the funds and the local bank makes for you the notification to the Registro de Inversiones Extranjeras. This notifications is necessary in order to get out of the country the funds and the profits when you decide to terminate the investment. After this has been done you simply will order to your bank to buy shares, public debt or other assets of your interest.

Even a local representative is not legally needed it is highly advisable to rely on a lawyer in order to fullfill and control all the investment process, the correct payment of annual tax and, in the end, the refund of investment and profits.

Incorporating a company

A lot of people or companies aiming to investing in Catalonia finds that incorporate a local company is a very convenient way to do the investment; this is, mainly, because a local company can be operated more easily than a foreign one. Read more about incorporating a company.

Real Estate investments

To buy a property in Catalonia has no limitations for a foreigner; you can buy everywhere (excepted some military protected areas).

If you are looking for a land, a flat or any kind of real estate investment in Catalonia, we can provide you: